Gluten Free Breakfast Cereals

Gluten Free Breakfast Cereals

Some of my friends from grad school and I met up for dinner, and MAN! Ordering our food was a trip! Amongst the four of us, there was a serious gluten allergy, three lactose intolerances, one soy allergy, and a couple cases of acid reflux. Of course, the conversation turned to how in the world a group of healthy, active, fit women – formally trained in nutrition and public health, no less! – could make a simple dinner out sound like the minutes from an FDA meeting. (Oh, we have our theories, LOL.) We also talked about how none of us 1) had these issues growing up and how they just kind of randomly came about, and 2) knew of anyone who had these types of food allergies when we were younger. That’s not to say they didn’t exist: I’m just saying we didn’t exactly recall anyone in our high school cafeterias asking the lunch lady if the hamburger was on a gluten-free bun, if the cheese was non-dairy, etc. Anyhoo…

Gluten Free Cereals

I’d been trying to decrease my gluten intake a bit, especially after reading Wheat Belly, so I went through some trial and error to find replacements for breakfast and my usual lunch. The interesting thing, at least to me, is that after the initial I-gotta-have-bread cravings wore off, my appetite in general decreased a lot. I still eat bread every now and then – usually at restaurants that offer something really special … like Canoe’s cranberry nut bread or Serpas’ beignets (chile, please) – but I no longer feel like I absolutely have to have it all the time like before.

These are my fave quick, gluten-free cereals for breakfast or late night snacks:

  • Erewhon Supergrains Buckwheat & Hemp: This particular variety of Erewhon cereal is a Whole Foods exclusive (y’all already know I tried to find it for less somewhere else), but I really like it. It tastes… healthy and good. The last time I bought this at the grocery store, the woman in line behind me recommended crumbling it into yogurt or over salads. Good idea!


  • Nature’s Path Organic Sunrise Crunchy Vanilla: This cereal is SO yummy, even hub likes it. (Most of the time I mix it 50/50 with the one above.) It’s available at both Whole Foods and Kroger’s that have natural/organic foods sections; I picked up a couple boxes at the latter for $2.99 each this past weekend.

I would love to know: What are your thoughts on the zillion allergies out there? Do you try to eat gluten-free?



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