Camo and Dirty Birds

Camo Pants + Sweatshirt + Puffer Vest

This look is a departure from my usual preppy tomboyish look, but here’s the deal: I had bronchitis, was coughing like an extra in “Outbreak” every two seconds, and could barely bother getting dressed. I was also freezing, so there was no way I was taking off the big, warm, worn-in sweatshirt – Hub’s, of course… I mean I like the Falcons and all, but to spend my own personal money on team gear… not so much* – I’d been huddled in all day. While I recognized that the hoodie itself was a stretch, I knew the accompanying paint-and-who-know-what-else-stained, stretched out sweatpants absolutely could not leave the house. Sickness is no excuse. I really need to throw those pants out…

* The first time or two that hub and I went to Falcons games, I just wore the team’s colors. I guess that didn’t fly because the next thing I knew, we were in the women’s section of the sporting goods store, and he was like, “You need a Falcons shirt.” Why is it that we never end up in Madewell or J Crew with him saying, “You need some of this stuff”? I’m just saying.

Camo Pants + Sweatshirt + Puffer Vest 2

  • Puffer vest and socks: Gap
  • Hoodie: Hub’s side of the closet
  • Camo pants: Zara (I’m about a size 300 in that store. Anybody else have to size way up on pants in Zara?)
  • Kicks: Converse
  • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Camo Pants + Sweatshirt + Puffer Vest 3

Camo Pants + Sweatshirt + Puffer Vest 4


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  1. Super cute look…the socks and chucks make it special…:)

  2. First, this post made me laugh out loud. You are really funny! Second, you don’t look like a girl with bronchitis at all. Cuteness did not suffer from illness at all!

  3. Thanks for much for stopping by my site and taking the time to leave a comment. Sorry to hear you’re sick, but your post made me cackle. Why CAN’T our husbands say we “need” stuff from stores we actually like? I have a way-too-big Steelers shirt in my drawer right now thanks to my hubby 🙂

    As for Zara? I wish I could find a single thing from them that would fit me. Even the shoes are a no-go because most of them don’t come in half sizes. Size 8 is too small, and 9 is too big. Sucks for me.

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Thank YOU for checking out J&S! I’m feeling much better, thank goodness. When I was buying these size 3K pants, the salesperson (who looked to be a size negative 2 herself) said, “I can’t fit into the pants in this store.” I absolutely had to have some camo pants, and since the price on these was right, I just bought the size that fit my thighs, and wear a belt. Take that, inaccurate Zara sizing 🙂

    2. Im gonna copy this but switch it up with some Timbs. 🙂

  5. I meaaaaan, can I look like you sick?? You look so cute!

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      Thank you, Channing! I was having a Tim Gunn “make it work” moment, bc I sure didn’t feel cute at all.

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