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A while back, a Joy and Sunshine reader (thank you SO much 🙂) asked for some recommendations to help expand her cookbook library. My response post got lost in cyberspace, thanks to a blog hacking meanie, but no worries! Here we go:

Cookbooks: Easy Tips &Techniques

For uncomplicated recipes and great tips:

For step-by-step instructions with tons of illustrations (Can’t stand cookbooks without pictures…don’t just tell me, SHOW me!):

Cookbooks: Simple Fresh Ingredients

For recipes featuring simple, fresh, GOOD food:

Cookbooks: Great Recipes

For bringing the not-necessarily-healthy YUM:

DIY Cookbook

While I really like the cookbooks mentioned above, the one I reach for most is the DIY one I threw together from magazine clippings and random recipes I picked up. Just paste onto cardstock, slide pages into page protectors, slap them into a binder, and voila: you did that!

Thanks for the question, Ms. S! Hope this helps 🙂


Do you have any things you need shopped or any questions or dilemmas you’d like addressed (within the scope of the blog, of course)? Definitely let me know in the comments section, or send me an email




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  1. Thanks! I will definitely add some of your suggestions to the list. I definitely prefer a cookbook with pictures. I need to see the finished product so that I have an idea of how it should look. I really want to get “The Smitten Kitchen” as well. It looks like something that you may like.

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