Buffalo Check and a Puffer

Buffalo Check and a Puffer

I wore this to a friend’s son’s first birthday party. KuppyCakes cupcakes were in the building – key lime, cherry, and white chocolate. Mmmm…

Whew. I lost my train of thought for a moment. Back to the outfit at hand.

(Wait, one more thing about KuppyCakes, and then it’s back to the outfit at hand.)

Every single time my hubby has one of these cupcakes, he says, mouth full no less, “I don’t even like cupcakes, but I like these.” Every single time. He used to go so far as to not get one – because he doesn’t typically like cake – and then end up “tasting” 3/4 of mine. I’m glad he stopped doing that.

Buffalo Check and a Puffer 2

I’ve wanted a semi-fitted puffer something – coat, vest, something – for years, but clearly I didn’t want it enough to pay what they cost. This vest was an under $15 score from the disorganized clearance section at Old Navy. I love it as much as I loved the price, and I’ve been wearing it with everything!

Buffalo Check and a Puffer 3

  • Puffer vest: Old Navy
  • Shirt: Ralph Lauren Boys
  • Sweater: J Crew
  • Jeans: Madewell
  • Boots: Ecco
  • Sunnies: Ray-Ban




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  1. Yay for puffy vests!

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