2 Ways to Wear a Pink Striped Shirt

Striped Button Down Shirt: J Crew

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: There’s very little a proper button down can’t fix. They literally go with everything; can be worn open, closed, tucked, untucked, tied high on the torso, tied low at the waistband, collar up, collar down; sleeves buttoned, pushed, or cuffed; worn casually or formally; sexed up – top buttons undone + fitted pencil skirt + bananas heels… classic, understated bombshell – or edged out with a leather jacket (I want this one!) and boots. I could go on with this little ode to the oxford, but you get the picture 🙂

My go-to is a tailored/worn mix so to balance all the pink-stripe-pink-heart-candy-colored sweetness going on up top, I added a pair of distressed jeans in a very casual wash and clunky shoes. I actually heard a college friend tell someone in all seriousness, “You’d better walk away before I take off my shoe and hit you over the head with it.” A bit of a hothead, no doubt, but at least she knew the power of a good chunky shoe 🙂

  • Sweater: J Crew
  • Jeans: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren
  • Shoes: Frye
  • Sunnies: Ray-Ban

Although I’m a really smiley person IRL, I don’t smile much in photos because I’m self-conscious about my braces (oh, how I truly hate them!). I couldn’t help myself here because while we were taking pics, this guy runs by – I’m talking a full speed Usain Bolt-quality sprint – saying, “Gotta go, gotta go!” He was obviously about to be late for work, and that was obviously not an option for him.

Side note: My photographer hub, who neglects to mention when my hair is looking crazy or my sweater is bunched up, always says, “Smile! You look like you’re in pain,” and “Smile! Braces are cute.” Sweet guy, but I don’t think I’m buying that last one.

One of the reasons I love this skirt is that I have a thing for anchors. I love the shape, and as I can be a bit flighty, they also help remind me to try to be more grounded. The other reason I heart this skirt is that it kind of has the silhouette of a short pencil skirt, which is perfect because 1.) I like short skirts, and 2.) traditional pencils don’t look that great on me as I am severely challenged in the curve department.

  • Jacket: Levi’s
  • Skirt: J Crew
  • Shoes: Madewell
  • Sunnies: Ray-Ban


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