Soft, Smooth Skin in 3 Quick & Easy Steps

3 Steps to Soft, Smooth Skin

I’m a huge fan of using natural oils as beauty products! They’re usually hypoallergenic, fairly inexpensive, and readily available in organic form. Plus, I think of it as going straight to the source, rather than spending tons of money on products made with only minute amounts* of the beneficial ingredients.


  1. Use Exfoliating Gloves: I first heard about these gems from this post, and it’s been smooth skin love ever since I purchased a pair. The clean-up couldn’t be easier: Just toss them in the wash with your towels, and air dry.
  2. Apply Coconut Oil (or Olive Oil):  The key is to generously – don’t be stingy, now –  slather oil on dripping wet skin. Like, turn the shower off, and immediately grab the oil, not the towel.
  3. Apply Lotion: Lightly towel off excess oil, and seal in the moisture with body lotion.


*Ingredients on product labels are listed in descending order (i.e. The first ingredient listed is present in greatest amount in the product, and the last ingredient is present in the least amount in the product). It’s really funny how many beauty products advertise “coconut oil” or “argan oil” or “whatever-is-the-hot-new-oil” on the packaging, but those actual ingredients barely made it into the bottle.



  1. I love coconut oil, too! Thank you so much for the post love. xoxo

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      You’re welcome! I might not have tried the exfoliating gloves if I hadn’t read about them on your blog. Thank YOU 🙂

  2. just recently become a HUGE fan of coconut oil. it is a skin saver for this dry skinned lady! need to check out those gloves though!

    • Joy and Sunshine says:

      I hope you love the gloves as much as I do! (They make great gift additions, too.) Coconut oil has so many uses! A new one I recently found is to use it on dry, chapped lips, under a light coat of petroleum jelly. Thanks for reading!

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