Hello, Sunshine!

Image courtesy of Kate Spade Stationery

Thank you all so, SO much for spending a part of your day here at Joy and Sunshine! I really appreciate it!

Have you been inspired by something you’ve seen on J&S? Did you re-create an outfit or incorporate part of a J&S look into your personal style? Have you tried a recipe or home project featured on J&S? Did you check out one of my favorite local spots?  I would love to hear about it! Please share your “Inspired By Joy and Sunshine” creations on the J&S Facebook page (  🙂

Please title your posts “INSPIRED BY JOY AND SUNSHINE!” and include:

  • The title of and link to the J&S post that inspired your outfit, recipe, project, etc.
  • A picture of your “inspired by” creation, and
  • A brief description of what you did/how you were inspired.


Also, this probably goes without saying, but just in case…

  • Please keep the images, language, etc. positive and squeaky clean. Thanks!

I’m really excited to see your posts! YAY!



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