Quick Tip: J Crew “Kill” Prices

Quick Tip: J Crew "Kill" Prices

Yo. I don’t know why I didn’t know this sooner, but my favorite J Crew employee acquainted me with the existence of “kill” prices at a recent sales event. Indicated by a red slash on the price tag, “kill” prices are the low-low-J-Crew-says-it’s-got-to-go items that are typically way out of season and final sale (i.e. try it on, and love it or leave it, because it’s a no returns/exchanges purchase). I got these regularly almost $300, fully lined, linen collection pants for under $24! My fave mentioned that some “kill” prices are $10 or less. (Swoon.)



  1. WHOA! Good to know! Thank you for sharing! I hope you’re well :)

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